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Search Ads

The most common type of ads shown on search engine result pages (SERP) tagged with the words 'Ads' are search ads. They are displayed based on keywords. It's important to focus on long-tail keywods because they help drive more leads and also keep the cost per click (CPC) low.

Display Ads

They appear as text and images on the websites of search engines like Google's partner companies. With display ads, you can easily attract customers with visuals, images, offers, and coupons. They are excellent for building brand awareness, creating a brandlead for your business.

Email Promotions

Our team is provide Promotional advertisements are displayed at the top of the inbox in email accounts like Gmail. Advertisements are highlighted in the subject line of the email with the "ad" tag. It's a unique way of promoting paid content. email promotions are best way to increase business.

Streaming Ads

Streaming ads are sponsored content that appears in YouTube videos before or during the viewing of the videos. This is a type of video PPC campaign. Stream ads will be launched once you have selected the platform where you want to place them. that will more help you to find intrested clients. these ads are more effective.

Social Media Ads

Advertisements on social media appear on various platforms and are used to connect users through social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the most common platforms for these types of ads. Using advanced targeting based on an individual's interests, behavior, and location, these ads are more engaging and effective.

Google Shopping Ads

Comparing a product from different companies is easy with Google shopping ads. This type of advertisement appears above the main Google search results. Google Shopping ads can be run by creating a new campaign in the user's Google Ads account and choosing "Shopping". This ads type are more engaging for clients.

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Different Digital Platforms
Where We Run PPC Campaign

Google Ads

Well-optimised and effectively built PPC campaigns can help a business get to the top of search results much faster and provide more results. We have experienced professionals to achive the targetted results. That’s what makes us the best PPC company in Lucknow.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

As one of the most powerful social advertising networks, Facebook and Instagram Ads let you target and reach a multitude of people.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are indispensable for B2B marketers since they help them generate new leads, nurture those they already have, and convert those with an interest in their products.

Youtube Ads

Advertisements on Youtube provide a very effective way to reach a more financially stable audience. For ads in Europe and the United States, Twitter ads perform even better.

Twitter Ads

Advertisements on Twitter provide a very effective way to reach a more financially stable audience. For ads in Europe and the United States, Twitter ads perform even better.

Bing Ads

In terms of search engine popularity, Bing is ranked second. Ads placed on the search engine result page of Bing also get you high-quality traffic.

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